“Thank you for your diligent efforts. We certainly appreciate having our tax refunds from previous years maximized as well as having precedents established for future…”
— A. F. | Vernon, BC

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"We are so appreciative of the detailed information you gave us…Your ferocious advocacy, vast knowledge and experience were such an incredible resource to us."

L. D. | Sarnia, ON

“Thanks again for your help with this matter. I appreciate having an experienced, veteran such as yourself on our side when it comes to such dealings.”


“Thank you , you are the best!”

— l. d. | OTTAWA, ON

“Hope you had great holiday season! just wanted to say, BEST 300 dollars I've ever spent! Just got my letter from VDP and it was accepted... Thanks a million.”



"You have truly put my mind at ease with all you’ve managed to figure out and accomplish with my case.  I cannot thank you enough.  I know I have more road to travel, but I feel confident things will only get better and easier from here, thanks in no small part to your invaluable experience and advice.”

— L.W. | TORONTO, on

“It was fantastic speaking with you, I wasn't expecting the process to be painless…”


“Great news!! I received the refund. It is in my bank account. Thank you for all your help to get this money back. I can now close this chapter and look forward to bigger and brighter things.”


“Thank YOU for all your help and support today I really appreciate all your time and effort!”

— a.c. | SECHELT, BC


“Right on, Ken! Thanks so much for your help, you really put my mind at ease from moment one of this process.  Can’t thank you enough for everything. I will pay them immediately. We will be in touch for sure!  I won’t deal with anyone else. :) Cheers sir!”

— j.m. | VANCOUVER, BC


“Thank you for your commitment to my cause. I really appreciate your work”


“Ken thanks so much for doing our returns so quickly, you can’t retire…I keep finding more clients =). Wish I had found you years ago; always a pleasure!..”

- V. W. | SURREY, BC


“Ok, thank you very much for clarifying. Appreciate the prompt replies and assistance.”


“ You have no idea how much I appreciate your concern, work and support. I received the income tax returns today and am pleased with the results. I owe you lunch with a Jack Daniels. Cheers! ”

M. E. | red deer, ab

“Thanks so much for all that you are doing for us. It is greatly appreciated".”

- D. K. | Williams Lake, BC