Unlock the Potential of your Corporation

Most Incorporated Businesses are Not Using All the Advantages of Their Corporation.  

As a result, many money making and saving opportunities are simply not available.

A tune-up from TaxWatch Canada involves the big picture and answers questions - all with the intention to take advantage of every useful technique to safeguard your hard work and improve your cash flow position.


A tune-up could unlock issues such as:

  • Validation of intended important transactions. Have your vital agreements had a litigation or tax review?

  • Does your banking structure have multiple redundant backup facilities?

  • Are shareholder agreements, share structure, corporate authorities and entitlements, minute books, loan agreements really what they need to be?

  • Have you really considered your directors or shareholders liability for all corporate actions?  Why are you a director?

  • Are you taking advantage of the much lower corporate tax environment in every typical manner - for shareholders and their families?

  • Do you know the three key ways to protect assets?

The Needs and Goals of Corporate Shareholders are Always Changing. 

Take advantage of our Corporate Review and Tune up Service to:

  • Minimize and Postpone Taxes

  • Ensure Continuity

  • Protect Assets  

  • Improve Privacy

  • and more...

Our experience is that the relatively minimal cost of a corporate tune-up will be repaid many times over in just a few years.

Have a Corporation in Dissolution?

If your corporation is in the process of being dissolved, we can assist you with filing Annual Returns to return to active status.
If your corporation has already been dissolved, we have a step-by-step process to reinstate the corporation.

Small business Corporations in Canada provide so many advantages to their owners, sometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe it. But they are tried and true. Tax policy purposely favours small business. But even better, the legal status of Corporations allows for many measures to be taken to sustain, protect and advance the intentions of the business and its owners. 

Consider seeking out how the corporate landscape can solve your financial and tax concerns. You will discover your corporate structure, if well managed, is more than accommodating. We have seen, in many instances, how the use of Corporations influence financial events so positively, it is life changing. These powers are there for the taking.   


Download our useful checklist: The Essential Corporate Tune Up Checklist


Here are just a few possibilities for change:

  • Your Corp. could be paying tax favoured dividends to your dependents who are over 17 - reducing the money you are spending personally.  

  • Assets can be transferred to your Corp. to create tax advantages.

  • Estate and succession planning can be improved and simplified if the Corp. is involved as an additional tool along with your will. 

  • Family finances, debt management and privacy protection can be co-managed under the corporate umbrella, especially if you do not want to intermingle personal assets and debt. Ownership means access, accountability and entitlements. But who should the owner be? That is the liability, tax, and asset control question all rolled into one. The answer is easier if you have a Corporation - or two - one for each spouse perhaps.