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TaxWatch Canada LLP specializes in numerous situation- based tax services for individual and small business clients.

We offer optimized results for an affordable price.

About Us

TaxWatch Canada's consultants, accountants, tax specialists and available legal representatives were brought together to assist Canadians in challenging tax situations that demands specialized expertise, experience and knowledge.

Our knowledge of Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) procedures and policies and our contacts within CRA allows us to offer services based not only on what has worked in the past, but on carefully considered and efficient customized actions.

We watch out for you. We help our clients succeed or overcome obstacles in the most realistic and effective extent possible.   

The Advantage

Our advantage (your advantage) is our experience with thousands of tax and business situations and our assistance that provides a step by step approach. Step by step is important because you need only commit resources and costs as each issue is addressed or the process evolves (e.g. facts are reviewed and options provided first).    Although each situation is unique, in many instances we know how CRA is likely to perceive and react to your situation. That is why we always engage CRA quite amicably (but directly) and seek to work, as the process evolves, with the specific CRA official assigned to your file.

Consider TaxWatch as a first responder on the scene, taking control of the situation for you.  


Meet the Founder

Ken Lagasse is a senior tax specialist and founder at TaxWatch Canada LLP.

With over 45 years experience, Ken has been involved with many client and personal business, tax and financial situations and has a sense of what is likely to be the best approach to take.

Ken and TaxWatch Canada’s priority is assisting clients by offering a down to earth, positive and explanatory style of professional practice.


All impediments can be reduced with a step by step approach and a plan.

That is part of the TaxWatch Canada advantage. 


Experience dictates we respond quickly and effectively to assessments, questionnaires, correspondence, demands and inquiries from CRA. You have to steer the process in the direction best suited to the most favourable outcome for you. That means timing considerations, credibility (keeping commitments), filing positions (varied), and detailed, supported, compelling arguments must always be foremost. In any situation, you must seek the advantage and take the actions that have the best possibility of providing the best outcomes.



We help our clients succeed or overcome obstacles in the most realistic and effective extent possible.

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Tax compliance is a mess of complexity, misunderstanding (what you think may not approach reality) and one-sided timing constraints. Delightful. However, the problem and solution are obvious. It’s called attitude; CRA’s arbitrary, nonchalant, you have to put up with our way of doing things (making enemies of almost everyone) attitude vs. small business attitude of enough is more than enough. As a small business operator - you know about choices. Choose to at least match CRA’s attitude - but take the high road - just don’t trust them because you can bet the farm that they don’t trust you. Please review the publications noted below.

We've created several publications regarding expenses that we urge you to check out:


Ken’s Comments of the Week


For the death of me I cannot understand why they call it life insurance. It’s death insurance. You have to die. You have to pay the premiums so someone else can be supported after you die. Is it worth it? As they say – when truth or financial desperation prevail - no-one has ever wished they spent more time at the office or not paid the insurance premiums.

There are so many financial pressures on your estate (tax is the second shot to the head after all the fights over your estates remains) it is likely to be overwhelming to the miserable survivors.

TaxWatch Canada is publishing a report on death insurance and its needs and best choices to acquire. All we can accomplish for now is to encourage you to consider how much of a difference (tax free) insurance proceeds can make to your loved ones vs. leaving them to financial realities best left unspoken.

Heck, we do not even know our probable tax debt or claims against the estate and its kind of late to do anything about it after you pay the ferryman. The more certain favourable financial outcome is death insurance. It’s like a stash of cash that just appeared. Insurance proceeds are payable directly to the people you want it to go to [do not make the beneficiary of the policies your estate or this really messes up the objective B]. No fuss, no legal, no fights (usually). It’s Plan B on steroids. Plus, you get to enjoy more of your financial resources now knowing the death insurance will make up for what you expended on the romp of life.

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