Are you behind in filing personal, small business, corporate income tax, or GST/HST returns? 

Even if you are years behind in back taxes or unfiled taxes, from our experience, your tax situation may not be as bad as you think.  

We offer a Canada-wide service, with fair and affordable fees, that catches you (and/or your business) up on your late tax filing and helps reduce penalties and interest for personal and/or corporate taxes by ensuring your tax debt is as low as possible.

Our experienced group of professionals has helped thousands of clients, many of whom have been clients for years. 

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How it Works

TaxWatch Canada offers a confidential, no charge, no obligation, and non-judgmental telephone consultation with a senior tax specialist to discuss the details of your tax situation in a timely manner. You will receive plenty of insight in how the tax system works, what options may be best for you and whether it is advisable to participate in the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) (a program which allows late tax filers who meet specific conditions to apply to have penalties and interest reduced or waived when in the process of becoming compliant).

 If you wish, we can discuss the details of any engagement
with you and answer any questions you may have.

 Missing Documents and/or Tax Slips?

No worries. Part of our service is to help determine what documents are really needed and assist you with gathering  and easily organizing the information.
For a list of all tax slips and documents you may need go here.

We accept documentation from various bookkeeping programs and spreadsheets to shoe boxes of receipts.

We watch out for you.  
TaxWatch Canada works closely with you, providing a personable service with your best interest in mind. 

 There are two things that we can help you with almost immediately:


When you have perspective, choices appear. If you are concerned about the amount of back taxes and the consequences of not filing required returns it's obvious you must first determine what you may owe.  

  • Gather the information and have the unfiled draft returns completed for the years you have to file.

  • Estimate the expected amount of penalties and interest that may apply.

  • Consider all legitimate avenues to reduce the tax.  

  • Reflect on your current or potential status with CRA. This is particularly true if you are considering voluntary disclosure.


Our experience is that most outcomes can be effectively managed.  Managing means taking control - or having someone do that for you. There are often sacrifices that must be made. Control means:   

  • Setting priorities  

  • Constant, deliberate but mindful communications with CRA

  • Determining and acting on filing positions

  • Voluntary Disclosure applications (if eligible)  

  • Handling timing issues  

  • Minimizing costs 

  • Considering the consequences for those related to you (surprises abound)

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