This list is provided to assist you in gathering documents/what information to send (as applicable) :

  • T4 Slips – Employment income‎

  • T4A – Commission and self-employment‎

  • T4E – Employment insurance‎

  • T5007 – Workers compensation or social assistance slips‎

  • T4A – Pension, retirement and annuity income‎

  • T4AP – Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits‎

  • T4A(OAS) – Old age security benefits‎

  • T4A(RCA) – Retirement compensation arrangements‎

  • T4RSP – Registered retirement savings plan income‎

  • T4RIF – Registered retirement income fund income‎

  • T3 – Income from trust allocations (or mutual funds)‎

  • T5 – Investment income‎

  • T4PS – Income from profit sharing plans‎

  • T5013/T5013(A) – Partnership income‎

  • T5008 – Income from securities transactions‎

  • RRSP contribution receipts‎

  • T2202 – Tuition/education for yourself‎

  • T2202 – Tuition/education amount claimed on transfer from a dependent‎

  • Receipts or amounts for your student loan(s)‎

  • Receipts/lists of all medical expenses paid in the year for yourself, your spouse and/or dependents‎

  • Alimony or support payments made‎

  • Donation receipts‎

  • Receipts for political contributions‎

  • Tickets for public transit‎

  • Statement for new home to claim the home buyer’s amount‎


Please complete this form to assist us with filing your returns.

Please note this form is secure (it is setup to encrypt all data upon submission to keep your data completely private).



In order for us to submit your returns on your behalf and speak with CRA regarding your account (if needed) please authorize us by one of the methods below:

CRA Authorization - Online

To authorize TaxWatch Canada via your online account please follow the instructions here.

CRA Authorization - Paper Forms

If you are unable to register for an online account, please complete a paper form

T1013 (for Individuals) : Complete Part 1 – Taxpayer information and Part 5 – Signature and date and return (last 2 pages only) to us (by scan/email or mail)

RC59 (for Business) : Complete Part 1 – Business information and Part 5 – Certification and return (last 2 pages only) to us (by scan/email or mail)

If you have already authorized TaxWatch in the past, you do not need to authorize us again.