How do I get my prior years T4 and/or other tax slips?


A common concern we receive from individuals who are late filing personal income taxes is how to get lost or misplaced tax slips from previous years (for example T4s, T5s, T3s, etc.).

It can seem overwhelming to try to look for all the tax slips however it is actually very simple to receive them. Every time your employer or payer issues you a tax slip, a copy is sent to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) which means you can simply request copies for past years from CRA by using the online My Account for individuals service or speaking to a CRA agents at 1-800-959-8281. Before calling, have your Social Insurance Number handy and be prepared to answer a few security questions. If you haven’t filed for a while and are concerned about ‘revealing’ yourself to CRA, just give us a call first to talk about this valid concern (1-877-800-9343).

If you require a current year’s tax slip you must obtain it from your employer/issuer.

If you are missing slips for EI, CPP, and/or OAS you can obtain past and current tax slips electronically by visiting Service Canada.

Penalty alert:

If you miss placing a t-slip (income) on your return (even if CRA has it) you could be penalized 20% of the amount of income (unreported) that was on the missing slip.

Keep in mind that there may be other documents pertinent to your tax return that CRA may not receive copies of and/or is not able to provide you with like slips for tuition deductions (T2202As), T5008s for capital gains and losses and RRSP contributions. These documents may have to be obtained from the original issuer.

If you are missing medical expense receipts CRA will not have these on file. Expense reports can often be obtained from your pharmacy – just ask for the yearly tax print out for the years in question. Keep in mind that unless the expenses are fairly significant in comparison to your income, the effort of obtaining these receipts may not be worth it. Talk to us or a tax professional before proceeding.

Certain other income and/or expenses can be estimated if necessary, please speak with us or another tax professional before proceeding.


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